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Somebody Someone Jay Baker

6 Reviews


Killer Nazi Zombies from Outer Space

This was what I'd been hoping for ever since I saw that Z grade was a genre. It was over the top, low budget, and totally hilarious. Awesome work!

Road Tripping

Nicely made buddy movie - it looked good, was nicely paced, funny, and had a couple of bizarre stoner moments thrown in to break things up a bit.

Pass Card

I really liked the opening for this film - great use of bread! The bathroom scene seemed a little lifeless at times - more music would have helped, maybe a bit more story development or tension building. But some good funny moments, and great concept.

Dude, that's your sister!

Wow. Points for sheer ballsyness for whoever came up with this - the audience was laughing even while they cringed! Really kicked off heat 4 with a bang. Well executed, well written, hit the genre nicely...what more could you ask for?