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Road Tripping

by Majestic Floof 269 views


Stoner comedy as some choofers get locked in their car. Chemistry between the two leads was undeniable and there were some impressive, surreal setpieces (particularly looking under the seat). Unfortunately the stoned banter gets dull after a while and there wasn't enough of anything else to sustain the piece. The smoke in the car was impressive and the realistic bong sound was appreciated.

Nicely made buddy movie - it looked good, was nicely paced, funny, and had a couple of bizarre stoner moments thrown in to break things up a bit.

This film could have been great and the bit where they looked under the seat was. Just cos you think it's funny to hotbox in a parked car doesn't make it a good film though. I hope these guys get something to make us show how good they are next time; I'm not joking they could make something great.

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