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Somebody Someone Captain sensible

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Killer Nazi Zombies from Outer Space

I loved this film and it fitted its genre perfectly. If it was rough it looked like it was by design, and had a great central idea.

A Bloody Bad Goodbye

Ultra 48 certainly looks like a challenge and the task these guys had to overcome was enormous. Personally I wish they'd chosen something stronger to make a sequel of, and generally feel that it reduced a team that should be top contenders to at best middle of the road. Big balls for taking on the challenge though and hopefully next time we can see these guys shine again.

Dude, that's your sister!

Good taste can be overrated. Great idea. Passable song. Dodgy device for start and finish. Accomplishment in 48hrs = Epic.

Road Tripping

This film could have been great and the bit where they looked under the seat was. Just cos you think it's funny to hotbox in a parked car doesn't make it a good film though. I hope these guys get something to make us show how good they are next time; I'm not joking they could make something great.