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Dude, that's your sister!

by DF-10 457 views


Gleefully tasteless puppet incest musical. The puppets looked really good and the film was well-produced overall. You can get away with a lot when you don't have actual actors on screen - pretty gratuitous sex scene in this one that really adds to the ribaldry. A few other gross-out gags (the kitchen-aid shot in particular). The musical component was pulled off really well - a shame it was the only one in Hamilton this year!

Wow. Points for sheer ballsyness for whoever came up with this - the audience was laughing even while they cringed! Really kicked off heat 4 with a bang. Well executed, well written, hit the genre nicely...what more could you ask for?

Default Avatar James Brunskill

10 points for making an engaging puppet movie (preparing for that category from last year?) Personally found it hard to get past the cringy content but no one could claim you didn't do a great job.

Good taste can be overrated. Great idea. Passable song. Dodgy device for start and finish. Accomplishment in 48hrs = Epic.

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