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Breaking Bread

by BlackBannerMedia 32 views


Default Avatar videoamp1969

Nice shot with guys on the car at the start of the film. Some funny lines and humorous moments. I enjoyed the use of the prop with the bread in the mouth gag. Good sound quality throughout the film. I did find the film a little cliché and it was a rather predictable ending. Some good controlled camera work throughout the short. The natural bird sound was great and made it quite realistic. A really solid well made short, but just felt liked I’d seen very similar narratives in the competition in previous years.

Default Avatar 39_Rialto

Hilarious buddy film. A little cliche, but the dialogue was there and the shots were pretty. The friendship between the two buddies was hilarious, and the part the capturee played was great. Awesome use of the prop and great title (love the pun.)

Default Avatar James Williamson

Had To Add A Review On This Film, Because It Was One Of My Favorites. Loved The Whole Dialogue, And There Was Never A Dull Moment. It Didn't Drone On Or Get Dull, And All Though It Was A Little Predictable, It Didn't Feel That Way.

The only buddy film I saw on Friday night that stuck to its genre. Good work.

What I liked: The performance by the leads was good, their back and forth banter was enjoyable to watch. the captured fellow did a good job in a mostly non verbal role also. Solid visuals throughout, good sound too. What to work on for next year: Story felt a little random and unfocused, I wasn't clear on the motivations of the characters by the end of the film. predictable ending also.

Good performances, and spot on timing and photography with the interplay between the buddies and the captee. The emphasis on sandwiches felt contrived because we knew you had to include bread, but yet it was still funny and engaging (and hints of Flight of the Conchords humour I thought). The ending was good, although telegraphed. Overall, an enjoyable film.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two buds drive into the woods and have a bit of lunch. Soon the real reason they are there is uncovered and they have to make some life and death decisions. Black Banner made the finals last year and are a committed, enthusiastic and creative team. As is there style, this short had plenty of comedy and dialogue to showcase their acting talent. The story was one that has been done over and over, and the ending was expected but they did manage to build a degree of tension albeit comedic. Technically it was solid with some clever fraign of shots and a good match dissolve. The beginning and end were clearly overexposed and I think you wasted a lot of time having the car drive so slowly up at the start. Another good effort from Black Banner. I gave it a share of my audience vote as I enjoyed it and have the backs of some of my former students.

A somewhat funny buddy film, there was comedy to your film, but it was not quiet in the right spot. Some good acting by "the captured one" did help add to the comedic aspect. Sound was just a little off in places, nothing major though. Watch your saturation of the video, the start and end were highly saturated and blown out. Otherwise you had everything else intact and in place.

Two goons/criminal henchmen take a kidnap victim out to the woods (was it McLean's Island, or Spencer Park/Bottle Lake? At any rate, just picture the "Christchurch 48HRS woods location" look – we all know it off by heart by now). One, Harper, is an idiot, but then his companion isn't the brightest bulb either. Making a number of mistakes that stray from the recommended operating procedure in such scenarios, they spend a lot of time talking about how they are going to deal with their own errors (to the alarm of their victim), but end up opting to let him go. However, there's one last mistake waiting to be made. Black Banner's film last year was a justifiable crowd favourite I think, with some of the better lines and performances of the year coming out of their film. This year though their film never quite got of the ground for me personally. If I had to pinpoint a specific problem I had with it it might be that the two henchmen ended up being very similar characters. Big tracts of the film were spent with these two talking about stuff , like sandwiches, that never quite went anywhere (although there were definitely some good lines sprinkled thoughout all this). Perhaps the idea was sort of that Pulp Fiction style "slice of life/a moment in time" approach, but maybe it would have been better to have a bit more context for the situation – as it was, I feel almost as if the whole kidnapping thing could have been removed from the film entirely, just leaving two buddies chatting in the woods about stuff (since the friendship was portrayed pretty well, as others have noted). Well shot and some solid performances though, and I'm sure they'll be back with a vengeance next year.

I love Vogel's bread too :) Silly yet well pulled off story, (it totally saw the ending coming) it was a pretty epic adventure that the hero was sent on, lots of quirky characters. the fight at the end went on a little longer than I think i needed it to. Nice references to the big lebowski made me laugh. Fun fact, this was (as far as i can tell) the only film made in chch used a drone, i was convinced there would have been more

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