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Gluten Intolerance

by Conscious VT 548 views


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Best film of the night. The whole thing was hilarious, but the end was a little cheesy and overdone.

This had no story and an average ending. However, it was energetic and fun - some one liners hit the mark well and others missed - but overall it is hard not to enjoy it. You clearly had a blast, as I remember you at the hand in giving it all beyond 7pm! And that's the most important thing.

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

One of the better films but was way to overdone and over acted.

Default Avatar 39_Rialto

HILARIOUS FILM. Loved the dialogue, none of the characters seemed unnecessary and the jokes were wonderfully scattered, the audience was laughing at every moment. Although, the ending was a little cliche. You could have done without the huge point at the camera, it could have worked with just a casual reveal.

The best film of Heat 2 by far.

What I liked: This was another great film from heat two, (pretty sure it got my 3 point's vote) Extremely well written (good quips and puns) great acting, perfect editing that drove the story and pace. this one went down a real treat with the crowd. What to work on for next year: The film took a little longer than it needed to to get started, and perhaps the shock ending didn't live up to the quality that had come before it. City Finalist? Could be, I would be happy to watch it again

Default Avatar MistaTeas

After getting caught up in a homicide at a club/party an eclectic group of characters (mostly in fancy dress) are questioned on their involvement by a police detective. This started off largely found footage/POV style before spending the remainder of the time in the confines of an interview room,with flashbacks inserted here and there. All were nicely filmed, with clear audio throughout. While there were some funny moments, with all the puns, one-liners and odd shock moment (girl & chicken) it all went on too long and the distinct lack of variety and clear story left me feeling a bit ho-hum. Certainly re-watchable so well done!

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