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Rock Bottom - The Rise and Fall of Obsidian

by Drakonian 106 views


Default Avatar lontramus

This was a stellar rockumentary. Every single joke/pun/reference had my both cringing and laughing.

Oh boy, where do I start. This film had me cracking up from start to finish. As a man who appreciates a good pun or two, this film was great. It obviously had it's flaws - the puppetry was less than flawless and sound levels in particular were varied - but you looked past that and made a film that people, like me, can get a hearty chuckle out of. Well done, keep the puns flowing!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A rockumentary covering the break-up of the rock (literally) band, Obsidian. Drakonian are back for another year and have produced a pun-laden to the extreme doco about a fictitious about a rock band told through interviews with the band (all rocks) and other inanimate objects such as jelly, rubic cubes...anything! The documentary structure was followed nicely, the script was well-written and the voice acting was good. I enjoyed some of the celebrity characters and "Inanimate Objects Got Talent" was a clever touch. I felt there was too much tell (even for a documentary) and we heard a lot about their music but saw/heard very few examples of it. The cutting between interviews and the puns fired ad nauseam also started to grate a little after seeing it time and time again. Cute, competently delivered and the audience enjoyed it so I guess you, well, rocked it!

Default Avatar MR MKB

A literal rock-umentary! This short film follows the very swift rise and fall of the "rock" band Obsidian, and the people surrounding the band's swift rise to fame. A very quirky short that was clearly an audience hit. The shots of the lead singer going "downhill" and the interview with J-Lo in particular had me laughing hard. This team really went to town with their puns, and the audience definitely appreciated it. I do feel like this film could've benefitted from more music though (the band songs you did have were quite funny) and the interview locations/camera work could've been a bit more thought out. Combined with the constant fading to black, it gave the film a bit of a repetitive vibe. I understand that with this genre you are caught between a *cough* rock and a hard place *cough*, so I think this was a solid effort for a genre that has some less-than-desirable genre options for some teams.

Very inventively done.

What I liked: So many clever rock puns! this was a very well written film! the best part for me was the dog eating the bread at the end. the use of photos and puppetry was great. I would be happy to watch this film again just for the story and script. (it was nice to get a break form all the bread puns) What to work on. this film existed almost entirely in it's writing - It lost points from me for it's visuals, other than the great visual gag of the dog as mentioned above this film probably could have looked better and done more with visual comedy. City Finalist? Not sure. but wouldn't be surprised (very good writing after all)

The rock puns in this were really hilarious and the J-Lo joke had me laughing but I found it hard to take seriously. The story line followed literally 'the rise and fall'. I also didn't understand the decision to fade in and fade out of every shot. Great effort and I see the potential here though for future efforts :)

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