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Default Avatar lontramus

I absolutely loved the idea behind this film, you worked extremely well with the genre that you received. Probably my favorite film for the night.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

On a webcam or other personal recording device, a young woman explains that God has removed all sinners from Earth, with only the righteous left behind. Much to her dismay, she discovers that she is the only one! Dragon V Mouse have also been in the comp a number of years, and also made the CHCH final in 2014. This short was well-received by the audience and much of success is down to the lead, Jess Lockie, who again plays it up in front of camera. Nice use of dissolves, a good match-cut, use of prop and the music worked well. There was a lot of talking to the camera though (as there was a lot of talking to Mr. Bearly in 2014) which gave it a bit of "seen this before" and also I felt the pacing at times was a bit slow. You were clever in how you approached the required emptiness of this genre by minimalising external scenes. A good story, well-played that the audience seemed to enjoy. Finals bound...just maybe.

A film with a simple, well-executed concept. The acting was good, but the character development seemed slightly on the extreme side; done for comedic effect. The audio quality was a little lacking in some areas, but pleasing camera angles, particularly the framing during the mound scene.

Default Avatar MR MKB

Harper Harrison talks directly to camera in this vlog-style short film. The end of the world has come, and she is the only person that God has deemed righteous enough to inherit the earth! Although this style of shooting has been done many times before, the single camera style the team has chosen really lends well to the genre. The lead actress addresses the audience directly, in a performance that is consistently interesting and charismatic enough to support the entire run time. A big job for one person to take on! I really liked the costuming, which worked well for both her faithful moments and her not-so-faithfull ones. The latter scenes in particular were very funny and well acted. This actress really knows her comedic timing. The audio throughout was pretty good, although there were some points when I couldn't clearly hear the dialogue. I thought the ending was nice, but I almost wish it had ended slightly differently as I thought it was a bit too obvious and perhaps a bit out of style with the rest of the film. A nice short, and a good take on a new genre to this competition.

Default Avatar petesfriend

Very funny sinning scene. Still laughing. Thought it was all a bit simple though and too much on the nose. Tough genre.

Default Avatar 4948

Well done on this film, and what a tough genre to get! Whole concept was hilarious, and passed it off well. Good job guys.

Default Avatar James Williamson

After Reading Your Team Note, I am Shocked To Hear The Film Was Only Thought Of Until Mid Saturday. It Was Definitely Worth It For The End Product, As I Loved The Story And The Scatter Of Humor. Great Way To Pull Off This Genre, As It's Not The Easiest To Do.

My favourite film of the entirety of heats 1, 2 and 3.

Default Avatar Josiah Morgan

The most inventive take on the genre of Last Person On Earth we saw on Friday, with a great lead actress.

What I liked: This was a great short film. A very strong performance and story kept me interested and engaged throughout the film. The teams take on the genre was fresh very humorous. I particularly liked watching the lead try to be sinful while her true character won out. Great match shot too that added to and served the story well. What to work on: its a very minor quibble but i didn't like the way God was introduced at the end. Im not going to try and suggest a better way that they could have done the ending but a different approach could have ended the film on a stronger note. but that's 48hours eh!? City Finalist? For sure!

Great film from this team. Last years 'Bearly' was one of my favourites and this one was pretty good too. It took awhile to get into it, but by the time shes 'sinning' and trying to live a bad life it definitely hit its stride. The ending was a bit disappointing and it could have been stronger without the God part at the end as it was a bit out of tone with the rest of the film but I was definitely entertained. It got one of my votes for the night.

This was great. The use of both the prop and the line of dialogue here were the best I've seen this whole year. Characterisation was awesome, and while God entering the scene was a little left-field, I thought it was really funny nonetheless. Harper's transition from saint to sinner was a little jarring though, I would have liked to have seen her descent into debauchery a little more subtle and progressive. One of my favourite city finalists.

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