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The Park Bench

by 6 Chicks And Josiah 473 views


Default Avatar filmgorilla_rialto

This film was hilarious. Well done with sticking to your genre, following the general cliché of a romantic comedy with a new twist. The female lead was a little off with the acting, I feel like you guys don't normally work with film. The quality was alright, but it kind of went a little surreal at the end. But it was alright, in the end.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

The sound levels were a bit all over the place which made the dialogue hard to hear. The sound also peeked a bit and this was distracting. Filming and editing was a bit jumpy at times. And the wind noise was also distracting. There was a nice relationship built between the two characters, which drew a few laughs from the audience. I liked the homage to the Titanic scene. The short could have benefited from some lighting in the interior shots. There was no need to ram the “But I’m gay” theme to the audience all the time.

Default Avatar Perky_banana

As one of the few teams that stuck to their genre, this film was well executed. Although there were technical problems, it was a very funny film and managed to stick to the genre but give the audience something new. There's definitely room for development in the way of editing and camera skills, but an impressive achievement for a high school team. The male lead actor was excellent, however 'Harper' tended to overact a bit. Additional characters such as the bible reading friend, were well cast. The end credits were very funny and possibly the best I've seen.

Default Avatar That funny one

Great use of conventions from romantic comedy

Well this film was not the worst in the heat but it wasn't nearly on par with teams. The swearing was unneeded, overacting, poor narrative, didn't display Harper at all and where was the trait!

Default Avatar holly.kate

so hilarious!! loved it :)

Default Avatar OriginalGangsta

One of my favourites of the night. Stuck nicely to the genre. Credits were my personal highlight. Nearly lost a star on quality, but I didn't get in the way of my enjoyment so I kept it there.

Default Avatar mysterA9

This film I definitely enjoyed and definitely made me laugh. The major reason for this was the lead actress. You were histerical. The uncomfortable humour worked brilliantly. I thought some of the humour surrounding the outfit of the lead actor was a bit cheap. I found it more silly an lame than funny but there was definitely some excellent use of rom-com cliches that were really well used to take the piss. This film wasn't great but I laughed and there were entertaining features so I can give it an above average rating. If you had better technology (a recurring theme throughout the heat) it would have been even better.

Things I liked: at least twice the filmmakers used a very stylish combination of shots and editing emphasise an important moment. (Pushing in and out over a series of quick cuts) I also thought the split screen joke was very funny when both characters where sitting side by side on the phone to each other. Things to work on for next year: try to use shots that work to help tell the story. Several times a particularly specific shot felt very out of place in a simple dialogue scene. save the stylish stuff for the moments that need it (like above) While the gay character was an important part of the teams subversion of the rom com genre I don't think they handed it tastefully. Perhaps next year try a simpler take on your genre.

Default Avatar film guru

Man this was overwhelming and annoying to watch as the actors really over acted in a film that didn't need it. Poor camera work that broke so many rules was disappointing and the comedy was very plain.

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Over acted piece that looked like it belonged on stage then on film. This film wasn't great but I laughed and there were entertaining features so I can give it an above average rating. If you had better technology (a recurring theme throughout the heat) it would have been even better.

Default Avatar lazza

Solid stuff

Default Avatar Filmchick2000

Broke every rule there is when filming a film.

Of this heat, The Park Bench is one of the ones I liked most. The camera could have been of a higher quality, and the team could have spend more time working on sound, but overall it was a godo movie

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Harper is a little dim and doesn't have a clue, despite VERY in-your-face hints, that the boy she is in love with prefers other boys. One or two good moments in this as you tried to get your story moving. The split screen was amusing and I enjoyed the bread-eating montage. The audio levels were not so flash however, the dialogue was often painful, shots were overexposed and there were some pretty rough edits. So, the tech side is a definite work-on for this team but you have the promise to actually tell a story pitched at your audience. The gay comments were 100% overdone...we got it. Less would have been definitely more in this case. Well done!

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