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Default Avatar lontramus

A solid attempt at the dimensional genre. Really enjoyed the film overall and had a nice arc to it.

EDIT 25/6/19: It's rare that a short film like this sticks so vividly in the memory as Wonderbread. It's fun, creative, and definitely got better with age. If you read this before the 2020 comp I implore you to really lean into these strong creative choices and really produce something off the wall. This film played on an interesting subject matter on a hard genre to pull off convincingly. Using bread to transfer between dimensions is so 48HOURS I loved it. Try varying your shot selection more to try to focus the audience on what you want; it will add to the story and keep viewers glued to the screen. A strong idea, just lacked the execution to make it one of the top films.

Default Avatar MR MKB

Harper Harrison takes his thoughtlessness one step too far one day, and is taught a lesson in humility whilst in a bread-induced alternate dimension. I thought Foreign Objects put a really nice human spin on this genre and story. I was pleasantly surprised by the character arc they created, as Harper grows and realises the happiness he gains by making others around him happy too. A satisfying ending as well. The acting could've been a bit better across the board, and tended to lean more towards the melodramatic, but there were a few good laughs to be had along the way with the actors. Technically, the audio wasn't as clear as it could've been and a few tripod shots wouldn't have gone amiss, but the simple inverse effect used to portray the other dimension was effective. All in all, a solid short with a nice human take on a tricky genre.

Default Avatar petesfriend

A bit to on the nose for my liking. All good hearted stuff though. And a nice ending.

Cool idea, could have been fantastic with better actors.

I think this film will win the incredibly strange best bad film award. from the opening line the tone is set. I started off thinking it was just another bad 48hours film, but by the end I was laughing myself silly. At it's core is an interesting take on the genre by way of the the prop. It looks like everyone involved had a great time making the film. so good for you all :) what really made me laugh was the constant exposition. on a serious note to the filmmakers, It's cliché but show don't tell, many times in the film the lead actor told us exactly what he was thinking or feeling when his performance and the on screen action had already done this. (this is a big reason I think this film will with the award mentioned above) I really REALLY hope to see this one again at the city finals.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Harper is a thoughtless jerk who finds himself, through the eating of bread, in another dimension. Will he learn his lesson? Awesome to read that you filmed this on a phone! I love teams who use what they've got in terms of equipment to the best of their abilities. This short was well-acted and you've managed to include a degree of meaning within your story-line. As other reviewers have mentioned there was a lot of "tell" in this - unless intentional, make sure your dialogue doesn't do this! This isn't the first film this year to use the prop as a transportation device to another dimension and you handled those shifts in dimension simply, but effectively. A bit of shaky cam and wind noise detracted at times but this was an enjoyable short! Well done! And yes, Rowan is spot on, a definite contender for "Incredibly Strange"!!

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