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Half the man I used to be

by Dolphin 368 views


Default Avatar filmgorilla_rialto

Watching this film, I distinctly remembered Team Dolphin's film from last year. This film is so significantly dolphin. And I love you guys' films. Keep doing what you're doing, but please, get a better camera, and better editing software!

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Man, I decided to go back and look at what I said last year about this team that got voted number one in Christchurch! What I said was "Wow!!! Great film!! Best in the heat by far. It's a shame it got DQ cause it would have done great. The acting was great, editing good and very good idea to use the ball as they did! I cant wait to see what this team can do next year because there is things to work on but this is a film that will be hard to top.". I think this team COMPLETELY bettered improved in all aspects of film making! I cant believe the skill they have and I wish I had there teachers at my high school because I can see them becoming a major power house in this comp. They know who they are, what to do and they have a style that is very "Dolphin" and its great to see that they can improve a narrative and technical skills so much over a year. I think they can go very far this year and they stack up and beat many adult teams so just wow!

Default Avatar Perky_banana

I really enjoyed this film and it had lots of funny moments. I'm not sure how well this stuck to the genre of 'Buddy Movie' but it undeniably has a very unique and individual style. The comedy in this is the sort that people will either get or not. The acting was very cute, I especially liked the moment on the teeter-totter. Great cast, and a fun experience.

I remember their film last year and I remember their style of comedy. This year was the same! Great acting, awesome concept, great shots and story line and props to the director for making a unbelievable idea work and seem very down to earth. Next time try not to have an actor looked blazed and work on getting a better camera.

Default Avatar Film Reviewer

Personally, I didn't like this film. It's a little overdone, and I didn't see you stick to your genre. Next year, try to be a little more mature. The narrative is a little boring, and it was obvious what was going to happen the whole time, as the whole one dead twin thing happens in a lot of other movies. And next time, FOCUS THE CAMERA!!!!!

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Cool concept with the funny idea of conjoined twins. There were a few sound issues that distracted a little. I found the dragging scene quite amusing. The film had some good use of music that matched the theme well. The short could have been improved with some more controlled camera work. Loved the idea that major surgery was being carried out in a caravan!

Default Avatar holly.kate

this film was cute, but didn't feel like it had any plot arc or resolution

Default Avatar OriginalGangsta

Didn't stick to the genre in the slightest, which is a big rule. What's the point of assigning them if that's not going to effect people's voting? Same sense of humour as last time. This team needs to lift their game next time around.

Things I liked: Wonderful story, I really enjoyed this film, the actors did a fantastic job with great script. the seesaw gag was the highlight of the entire heat for me. Things to work on: a tighter edit would have made this film even better, as good as the seesaw gag was it played for longer than I was laughing at it, leave the audience wanting more! Great work by all though, I can't wait to see more from this team

Default Avatar film guru

This is a dolphin movie in a nutshell! A very cleaver and simple concept kept the film moving and they have really improved on all there skills! They really made good use of the genre by taking what would usually be two people being best friends and very close to each other and flipping it was awesome! Great to see some creativity being used for once.

Default Avatar Filmchick2000

This was the funniest film of the heat and is brilliantly made

Default Avatar mysterA9

This film was definitely one my favourites of the heat. If I had one gripe it's that your actors playing the parents of the twins looked younger than the twins themselves. I know my team in the past has been criticized for using children in adult roles so maybe try to avoid that in the future. That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed your film's sense of humour and enjoyed a different take on the buddy film. Your story was simple and easy to follow which shows a lot of savvy for what looked like a really young team. Congratulations on winning audience's choice. It was well deserved

Default Avatar 4948

Not as good as last year. Good take on your genre, a refreshing twist to the regular buddy films. But I do feel it was a little predictable. Also, the dead Siamese twin plot is in a lot of movies (Freaks, Basket Case, Sisters, American Horror Story) so it was a little cliche. I was a big fan last year, but unfortunately you didn't deliver as well. I did love your team tag though, as a homage to last year.

While highly entertaining, this one wasn't memorable by the end of the night. The final scene was a laugh though.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

This mockumentary tells the story of a couple of sets of identical (loosely) conjoined twins. Dolphin won a lot fans with their zany 2014 film on the perils of internet dating - that film's appeal came largely due to the leads quirky style. This film brought a similar comedic style and equally ridiculous story-line. The humour worked well (see-saw in particular) but imagine how you could have told this story without resorting to a mockumentary, which in my opinion doesn't really lend itself to the buddy genre. The audio was a bit messy in parts and their was a sameness to a lot of the camerawork. The audience enjoyed it though and it won their vote, so well done!

Default Avatar reviewerBOB

I thought this was a great second film from a young team. It had really great film work and editing work that really stood out. There is some talent amongst this team.

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