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Modern Romance

by Alterium 260 views


Default Avatar videoamp1969

Nice dolly work throughout the film and the sound quality was spot on. Cool use of the title cards, which added to the comedy in the film. Funny Chapter 2 scene, love the tension built in the car, with some well timed acting and good facial expressions. Duel scene was amusing. Loved the awkward moments. I didn’t quite get the time period bit interlaced with present time? The three actors were all reasonably strong. Real funny laugh out loud moments at times. One of the strongest films in the heat.

Loved the look of this - Wes Anderson-esque! A simple story excellently delivered with a killer use of the match cut. My favorite of the heat (that isn't my own!) You set the bar high being first film to show too!

Default Avatar 39_Rialto

By far my favorite film of the night. From the static shots to the story line to the acting and little chapter animation, I have nothing bad to say about this film.

Hilarious, great match cut, not super memorable overall.

What I Liked: Great Film, cool take on the genre, very nicely shot and edited - the editing especially served the comedic timing perfectly, so far in the heats I've watched this one has the best match cut. all round really good short film. What to work on for next year: Can't really think of anything here but I guess the story and character took a bit of a back seat to the stye, if someone asked me what the story was about specifically I probably wouldn't be be able to tell them City Finalist? Sure, I wouldn't be surprised.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young woman confesses to her man that in fact, she may be in love with someone else. The perils of a competing love triangle are explored. This was a pretty polished production as usual from Alterium. Good audio, visuals and music. The acting was superb and it was nicely edited - the match-cut was a winner. Did I hear the camera slider in one bit though? Some funny moments that were well executed; most notably the knock-out and the duel sequence. I too struggled with placing the time period for this and I guess, if you were attemptingWes Anderson, then you didn't quite nail it. Likely to be seen again in the finals.

Good film team, awkwardly funny in a good way. Genuine laughs. I though your film was the best of the heat (excluding ours obviously). Genre nailed. There was one thing at the start that bothered me, nothing big, but I could hear the slider when you did the slide shot. Would be good to see your film in the final.

Three Austen-esque characters are dropped whimsically into the modern world in Alterium's short, the "modern romance" of the title seeming to refer to what is in fact a very old-fashioned romance taking place in 2015 (with no sort of explanation, awesomely) . Harper Harrison is the recipient of male attention from two competing suitors, one more desperate and likeable than the other, and a love triangle arises, but despite our hero (or the nearest thing, we have, anyway) enduring blows, awkward car rides, a fickle love and bicycle jousting defeats, Harper's eventually makes a choice that does more than enough to give her her thoughtless character. Lovely wee off-beat character piece this one, with some great, largely non-verbal performances and a few really nice shots, including one great big ol' tracking shot and possibly some good commitment from a cameraman to stay on a moving car bonnet at one point?! (OK, probably you just stuck the camera to the car somehow). I also remember being really impressed with the title cards, which really suited the mood of the whole thing. Every chance of taking out the award for best use of the technical element in Christchurch too, I'd have thought. Lots to like in short! Hope to see it again in the final.

This film starts out a little slow and janky, but quickly slips into a hilarious bout between two gentlemen callers. The cinematography was awesome, and the macabre dishevelled line delivery really gave this film it's own feel. I loved the match cut, though I was a little upset at who won Harper's heart at the end of the film, as I was definitely routing for the underdog.

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