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Rough Trade

by High Water Mark 155 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Synopsis above tells you all you need to know about this fun, action short that delivers on it's premise - action, blood, car chases and chaos. Good portrayal from the lead and all the talent committed 100% to some of the bloodier aspects of their roles. The Mad Scientists have a rival.

Default Avatar KJ

Definitely added in the humor department. Was laughing with tears most of time. Loved the stunt jumps. Loved the fight scenes. Loved the simple concept. Such good ideas in the editing department all though they weren't executed very well, as well as the visuals. Overall, the film was a fun, funny time and I hope you guys share the same heat as me next time, to see what else you deliver!

Just the kind of film you want to watch in the middle in the middle of the third heat of the night. Some seriously funny bits in this film, id say its a strong contender for best bad film. But frankly it might even be too good for that award its a pretty clear and well done story inside a Z grade style. The Hacker stuff was funny, the 4-6 days later card was great, and the car special effects was Hilarious, funny performances from everyone too.

A great palet cleanser and a great film. Fantastically cheesy performance from the lead actress. I'd love to see High Water Mark be regular finalists with this kind of thing every year.

I bloody love DIY filmmaking like this in the comp. The lead is admirably all-in which helps the film so much and gags like the car jump and “hack.exe” had my ribs cracking. For something as manic as this, it benefits from a tighter pace. Editing out some padding would have gone a long way, simple things like her putting golf clubs in the boot can be chopped from three shots to one just to speed things along. It would have also been cool if the 2nd car jump shot wasn’t the same as the first, gives some variety and is an opportunity to show us what else you could do with a mouse and the Move Tool. And while that chewing gum gag was pretty funny, it stopped the story in a noticeable way. It could have either served more of a purpose or been cut entirely. Really dug the zoom-in with the dude getting sawed, mainly because of the lead’s expression. Adds a lot of character to the scene and could have used more CUs throughout. The confrontation was great, largely because the antagonist was just as outlandish as the lead. Also LOVED the triple-punch-cut before that - it’s a pity the final fight doesn’t go as bonkers.

This was a great quirky little film, I enjoyed watching it. I always enjoy awkward humor and this had it in spades in it's "bad film-esque" style. The special effects and stunts were good fun and a creative idea. A little tighter editing and pacing in places could have helped build the drama but keep the tone. I'd love to see what this team would put together without time constraints, but then the constraints of 48 Hours are the perfect primordial soup conditions to breed this particular flavor of comedy. Nice one :)

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