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Down to the Wire

by TBALC Alpha


Top marks all around. This is the type of short film I love; a window into the lives of people doing something out of the ordinary and having an in-depth discussion. The acting and the humour in DOWN TO THE WIRE is great, as is the acting and the questions it asks about life, existence, and netflix. I also loved the way you guys acknowledged the Bechdel test, and your use of the line gives my team a run for its money. You guys will probably win best use of line, which is a small award, but a strangely sought after one as well. Without a doubt a city finalist, and I'd love to see it in the grand finals too. Maybe you guys will one day win the grand national prize, like you probably should have done three or four times already by now :)

What a brilliant take on the genre. Really no other bechdel movies i saw did anything close to this interesting with the genre. Best single laugh of the whole of chch is in this film. And its a 5/5 for that moment alone. I like this more than every film TBALC has made in the last few years whcich surprises me

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Again TBALC hit it out of the park and then some. Had me in stitches and was without a doubt a stand out of the heat. Don't want to potentially spoil this short for anyone so I'll keep it short by saying I look forward to seeing this in the city finals.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two female bomb-disposal experts contemplate a number of life concerns as they work through a job. This is another top class 48HR short from a team that continues to lead the way in CHCH. All the trademark TBALC moves are present: internal locations, clever/poignant dialogue, great acting, humour, immaculate timing and pacing...all that and top-notch technical work as well. The genre is examined in such a smart way that I shook my head in utter amazement when "the moment" came. So, can we pick holes in what is a very complete short that would easily stand-up outside the 48? Some may say (as I've said before) that it's more of the same from TBALC in many respects. But that matters not a jot because playing to your strengths is certainly a successful recipe and as an audience we're getting exactly what we want! So thanks! Easily good enough for the city final, could probably complete the three-peat for TBALC and even if it didn't should get picked up for the national gig.

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