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Hunt for the Woolderperson

by Generic Film Crew #007


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young woman's jersey becomes the object of affection for a very odd young man. Another short filmed out of Christ College that was well edited and hit the genre on the head with it's humourous chase scene. The prop was very well used obviously as the central focus of the film and the lead playing one half of the lovers did a great job with his necessary over-the-top performance. Next steps: find the white balance feature on your camera. In my first year of doing 48HRS I did a film where a guy falls in love with an inanimate object so this short brought a smile to my face!

Default Avatar Leoj

Strong acting in this film carried the story well, keep that up in the future. Would be great to see you guys get a stabiliser for your camera if you plan to do more running shots. My favourite scene was when the movie was playing in the theatre, it was pretty convincing, nice work overall.

Sniff detective was funny Start of chase was funny "flee and with haste" Good videography, some nice shots.

Hilarious character and ongoing gag with the tracking.

Default Avatar Crocodile Thrunter

Thoroughly entertained. Great concept and the use of the prop was very well done. One thing that I think was great and amusing was when the protagonist first identified where the jersey was being taken and the joke about how he may have been 5'10 left me laughing. However using the same concept at the next clue was a little less interesting. I feel as though you missed another chance to leave us laughing there. All in all, amusing and well crafted film.

Default Avatar odrusso

Really good humour and nice cinematography. Impressed by those really smooth tracking shots. Story was well developed, but the ending left me a bit disappointed. Overall one of the funniest in the heats!

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Unfortuntly not as strong in story as your last effort but you guys are growing and are again one of the stand outs of your heat.

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