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Why Not Just Call The Cops

by STuFfed RAM Studios


Default Avatar Leoj

Yo this was a good time! No apologies required, maybe it wasn't what you set out to do, but you certainly had some great ideas under your belt as far as what a buddy movie normally entails!

Default Avatar AceOfSpades

Solid film guys! Its such a shame your ending up being Disqualified because i really enjoyed your film, and you guys definitely have a positive future if you ever wanted to do this again. The comedic timing and comedy in general was super well done and i hope to see you guys in the future :) Ngā mihi

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A disclaimer (grrr!) tells us that the weekend didn't go as planned and we end with an apology (grrr!) Inbetween we've got a classic, "Came home and found a body, so we'd better get rid of it" film. And I do like a good body in the trunk. Funny and for what you did...reasonably effective. Audio was up and down but I guess that was just one thing that didn't go as planned. Next year!

I wasnt a fan of the disclaimer, but i liked the film. Better luck next year eh?

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Coming home to find a dead body, the lead character calls his buddy to help dispose of the body a well edited and comedic film with an odd end the apology at the end indicates you might have run out of time

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