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Saint Lyricals

by Upshot 217 views


Great job with such a hard genre. Pulled it off.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Amusing musical and had me laughing quite a bit. Strong performance from the singing nurse. You had a great location and used it well. It was one of the stronger musicals in the festival. Well done.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Morgan's lies are ruining his marriage. Fortunately, Saint Lyrical's Hospital has a treatment for his kind - singing! The location here was used to good advantage to create a clever albeit long-winded story. The songs were nicely performed by the lead nurse - she had a great voice for musicals. The opening song (Welcome to St Lyricals) was well-written, catchy and got the audience laughing, even if it did go on too long. Morgan's big number, (Don't give up on me) also had good lyrics but it didn't really sound the best. However, because this was intentional, it didn't matter! Clever! I was disappointed though that when the story set things up for another Morgan solo, a rap - there was no rap! Well filmed, good sound and probably the best attempt at sustaining the music in a CHCH heat this year. Well done!

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

It's always a challenge in terms of workload when you receive musical, but it seems like Upshot managed to pull it off quite well. Good effort guys!

every year I'm impressed by the films that upshot makes. this year was no exception and intact probably their strongest film yet. Given the dreaded musical genre Upshot really stepped it up and with a great setting they put together a solid musical. their key musical number is STILL stuck in my head which is only a good thing here. the story is solid, the acting is good and the cinematography and editing does a good job of carrying the film. perhaps the film could have been a little shorter? I think that I might have heard the main chorus for 'Saint Lyricals' just a few too many times.

Some of what I enjoyed: Fantastic singing, great music, great lyrics. What a fun film. Great set. I loved the concept. Singing the man out of being a liar? With some sort of sciencey writing to back it up? Love it. Loved the back-and-forth to test the drug. Great singing, Kate! Loved the rap treatment. This was one of my favorite entries of the entire competition. So delightful and so much fun.

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