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House Date

by Olax 103 views


What I liked: by far the strongest thing on display here was the acting, the premise also was interesting enough to keep me engaged through the film however I wasn't really clear on what was going on for the first minute or so, this film also played more as a comedy than as a rom com, the comedy that was on display was great but the romantic side to the story seemed to be sidelined in a big way. the pacing also didn't feel quite right, things happened in a very fast and episodic manner. the shots in this movie looked good but i question the decision to crop down to a 2.35:1 ratio, as far as I could tell this was done purely in post and i don't think it added anything (i was aware that there where parts of the composition that we where missing)

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman breaks into her neighbour's house, using it to host a date. Some great acting in this from the lead which really carried the whole film. I enjoyed the anxiety on display, resulting from one tricky situation after another. I enjoyed the use of silence in this film and there were some genuinely funny moments. It did wrap up very quick after a lot of build-up, which was a bit of a let down. Great to see you back again, Olax and I was pleasantly surprised to see Kate involved!

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