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a nipple in time

by rip focus


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Reminded me somewhat of "Rick and Morty" and inter-dimensional time-travel with all the jumping around to different times and then the eclectic mix of characters/complications that resulted from the time-travel. It also reminded me of The Otters - "Time-o-Saurus" way, way back with their double squeaky toy time-travel device. In this we had nipples and I'm not sure what to make of that! Apart from all the jumping from place to place I'm not 100% that much else happened. Maybe I missed something. If this is the end of the iPhone trilogy then rip focus then they round it up with maybe not their best effort but still an enjoyable short that the audience got into.

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

An original concept on time travel, well at least the method of time traveling! Full of funny little bits and pieces, I laughed out loud multiple times. By the end I wasn't sure there had been much of a story arc, but it was enjoyable and made for audience enjoyment and that is to be respected in itself. Production value was good, and higher than I would expect from just an iPhone so well done!

HAHA. Oh man. This was a hoot. I loved this film. I loved your commitment to the idea and bonkers nature of twisting our way through the ages using someones nipples. This film was well shot and again so impressive that it was filmed on iPhone (R.I.P iphone camera films made by rip focus 2020?). The sound and other technical elements were really good too. The acting by the main characters was also really good and solid and some great scripted jokes throughout. I loved a lot of the weird time set pieces we visited albeit that some were a little disorientating. Like for example the one where people communicate using instruments? This one threw me ( but still Lol'ed at the trumpet expletive). But it made much more sense with the followup visit with just instruments and the throw away line of "I thought all the humans moved to mars?" That was very clever and cool but maybe those two scenes could have switched places so we knew what it was we were looking at when we see people talking through instruments only. Lastly the ending was a little hard to tell what was meant to be happening so it felt slightly more like the journey was more fun than the destination. But still some really great ideas that were well executed and a thoroughly awesome and enjoyable film. But let's also not forget that intro!!! HAHA. Amazing! Can you guys animate an entire film with AJ and Rowan next year? I guess that would count as not being filmed on iPhone. ;)

I’ll just get this out of the way right up front. Hands down. Best team intro of the city. -come one AJ. Do it. Don’t stop shooting on the iPhone though... like, unless you want to but it’s working very well for you guys. I can only imagine it gives your shoot a nimble freedom that is really good for 48hours. I keep meaning to do something similar one of these years. It’s only a matter of time. But enough about me. ;) A Nipple in Time. this might be my favourite 48hours film from this team so far. While I think their film from last year, and probably the year before, are better films. Those films are also safe in a way that this one isn’t. Ripple in time is solid. But the storytelling ability wasn’t quite as developed as it needed to be A Slice of you is on one hand as safe as a 48hours film can be, but then there’s this amazing streak of personality and style running through it. Really clever and inventive stuff that raises an almost painfully normal 48hours idea to greatness. (In my view only let down by an uninspired ending) I blather on about their previous entry’s to come to the point that I think ‘A Nipple in Time’ may come to represent Rip Focus crossing a threshold. From making the films they felt they had to make. To making ‘personal’ films driven by their own style and sensibilities. A Nipple in time is bonkers. But it doesn’t care. There’s no substantial story to speak of. But who gives a shit?! There are ideas and experiences to be had here that in 5 minutes mean more to me than a tight little story. The filmmaking craft is rock solid. A step up on the previous years. (Which where both well above the competition average) but now all the wrinkles have been ironed out. Keep watching Rip Focus. The team clearly knows what they are doing. They’re getting more and more comfortable with the 48hours format. All they need is the right genre one year and I’m sure they can go to the finals. A city placement/win is certainly in their future. It remains to be seen if the judges will deem this worthy of a city finals spot. I hope they do. But wont be all that surprised if they get snubbed in favour or something with a more conservative character narrative. *yawns*

Hmmmmmmmm. I'm very nervous as to what to write here, what will be used against me in next year's team intro? I was pretty excited for this film, the title is hilarious and intriguing, and A Slice of You was one of last year's highlights, which I gave such a glowing review, and as such I feel it permits me to be ever-so-slightly harsher on you this year. The premise is totally 48Hoursian, and the idea of time traveling via nipple play is dangerously close to an idea I've had in my back pocket for a sequel to Not Again, which I'll never make. I guess I couldn't now anyway, but this is all to say I was onboard within the first couple of minutes. Okay so we time travel by twisting nipples, sweet, where are we gonna go team? ... Not really... anywhere? Look, props to you guys for making a time travel film which actually takes us on a journey, it's far more than I ever did when I got this fuckin genre, but by the end of the adventure I was just kind of... confused as to why we were going to the places we were going to? The caveman era, the old timey cottage and the dawn of time with Adam were all great ideas, but everything else left me scratching my head, ESPECIALLY the "era" where people talk via playing instruments? What time era is this supposed to be? Or the one where the instruments talk about their prostate? Or the dark police state where they're chased for having nipples? At a guess, I'd say these are supposed to places FAR OFF in the future, right? Like humans develop into... uhh... instruments? I kind of wondered if time and space itself had broken, but you save that for the end when the nipples get twisted opposite ways. My point being, I think we needed to see the guys travel to more distinct time periods, because the places where it gets wild are just kind of vague and confusing, and to be honest, in terms of art direction, aren't wild enough. A stage or a school hall don't feel very wild at all, almost boring, to be honest. The most intriguing part of your film is at the end, when one of the main characters bump into their older self, and I just feel so conflicted for you guys, because it kinda feels like you brushed greatness with this scene - I'd have loved for you to utilise the fact that Marcus and Cameron look *identical*, and straight up made a completely different film about a character and their older/younger self. Maybe the older version travels back to fix something he regrets? Maybe its a cute love story? Maybe its a dark tragic crime film? This was what your film should have been guys. I'm sorry. I love you. I hope we can still be friends. My autopsy of this film, is that you guys were maybe a bit deflated getting time travel for the second time in 3 years, and I'm sure it can't have helped that your composer was once my team's composer and also made a time travel film where their mission statement was almost exactly the same as it sounds like it was in this film. Anyway, it feels like you landed on A Nipple in Time because it was a funny title that parodied your other time travel film, and built it around that. When I saw your title, I kind of hoped this wouldn't be the case, but alas, it looks like it was. ALRIGHTY! I still love yas, and I wouldn't have been so harcore on you if I didn't know you were capable of something better, so please take this as an encouragement! TITLE REVIEW: What more is there to say? It's great. But I'd have preferred a better film, even if it had to have a different title.

This film was unafraid to go totally bonkers and the results were pretty spectacular. Nice use of time travel method and enjoyed the fact that you managed to go so many places in the time limit, future scenes were random af but that just adds to the overall enjoyment. Never got the impression of it being filmed on an iPhone and wouldn't have guessed if you hadn't announced it. Clearly this film was purely intended for laughs in a Bill and Ted sort of way and it delivered big time. AJs review was interesting, he clearly loves some of what you've done before but not this one, must check out the earlier ones. He's clearly been doing this forever but I reckon most people would dig this film a lot more than they would dig most of the films in this competition.

Time travel through nipple twisting, a much better way to spend a Saturday night than having a pizza party with your flatmate right? This was wild. At times wearing its influences directly on its sleeve in relation to a certain Dan Harmon animated show (and DAYS OF FUTURE PAST), but the fact this was an accidental case of breaking the space-time continuum allowed the team to go hard with covering a heck of a lot of different periods in history, both past and future. It also had a bizarrely close parallel in plot structure with last year's Wellington finalist 'A Wine in Time' by Team! but whether the team saw that or not I don't know and a little bit irrelevant, much like their self-declared use of iphone which I honestly wouldn't have noticed if they hadn't hammed it up in the team intro given the high grade cinematography in general. As I alluded to earlier, things got bonkers and fairly promptly, as rip focus basically crammed as many things as they could think of into the maximum allotted running time allowed. I don't think this was the best idea in terms of providing us with a clear storyline, as whilst the jokes came thick and fast from cavemen to talking through instruments via headtrip insanity and colonialists, that's just it, they were jokes and the weighting of any time travel didn't really have any impact on the characters or let the film breathe/the viewer enage. The almost break of the continuum ala Marty McFly was probably the highlight of the film as it actually felt like the inane silliness could have some repercussions. Although I did chortle at the Maccas discussion.

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