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In bread, love

by Intelligent Design 391 views


What I liked. Incest humour. This film made me laugh. as weird as it was it build up to some good moments. The scene with the priest was great. The way the film reveals its big twist/concept was bloody amazing. Strange that one of the best black comedys of the comp didn't even have to be a black comedy. So good on you guys for taking rom com (stupid genre for this comp) and doing something interesting with it. What else can I say. This film was funny! (And fucked up)

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young couple finally give in to their forbidden urges. Yeah, I don't know where to start with of those films I don't want to watch but can't tear my eyes away from! Anyway, I enjoyed some of the great comic timing and well-written dialogue that was delivered in places. The "Ghost" tribute was pretty funny as was the priest scene. I agree with Rowan Strang that you did a great thing with the Rom Com genre - it can be so awful but you certainly put a clever twist on it. As far as the tech goes, some of your shots were unnecessarily wide, especially during the first scene on the couch. I would have liked to see the actors in a tight two shot. Also clean your damn lens! Funny, inappropriate, unsettling. I liked it!

Hmmm. I think it's hard to tell a story where your protagonists are incestuous lovers because it's not an ideology people can route for. Unless they are also boning their brother/sister. Maybe even then. I don't know. This seems like an idea that was brainstormed and run with, and the team fell down the rabbit hole a little too far without realising that it's an uncomfortable watch. Or maybe you guys were completely aware of this and that was your intention, in which case, bravo. It felt weird. Other than that, the progression of story was good, there were clear beats, though some of your editing could have been tightened (Brother walking into house saying"Hi!", then cutting to him walking up to behind sister and surprising her... did she not just hear him say "hi"?). The characters seemed to change their minds quite a bit to fit the story too, going from supporting their forbidden love to grappling with it, to even as far as explaining why it's wrong to their THOUGHTLESS mum. This bothered me a bit because them changing their minds didn't feel as much like the internal wrestling that one would feel in this situation, just more like ham-fisted exposition, and because of this some of the acting suffered: the scene where they talk about moving to Gore/suicide pact was hilarious dialogue, but it was completely undermined by the awkward performances. You see this a lot in 48 hours, actors reading out lines that someone else clearly wrote. The film ends with the couple finding out they're not actually related, and everything seems fine after that... But... would it be? Is the desire to commit incest just as bad as committing incest? Is your adopted brother still too much like family to marry? These are the haunting questions this film left me with, and I'll be thinking about them for years to come.

Quirky take on the rom-com. The Lannisters would be proud of you. I liked the pun in the title too. For me one area to work on is the pacing- it just seemed to drag a touch during the interview scenes. I enjoyed the acting, particularly the priest and the Hmmming doctor.

I really enjoyed watching this, as creepy as it was, haha. But I love awkward uncomfortable humor! I didn't pick the sibling thing so that was a huge crack up for me. The priest and the psychologist were great touches, and I enjoyed the script. I agree with some of the other comments about pacing and some of the lines feeling forced, but I know what that's like (for us it's usually at 3am trying to get the last long line of dialog shot when were both way too tired and past it). I was actually up and down on the edge of my seat cringing when Mum was on her way in and they were kissing. Not sure if being adopted makes it any better (except genetically) but I thought that was a nice twist. Great movie :)

Default Avatar Frank Sabotka

Funny film with some great reaction acting from all the actors. Liked the nod to ghost although godfather part 3 is probably the better comparison. Liked the use of those video inserts too, could see the ending coming but still enjoyed the film. Overall a really nicely rounded short.

Well, if anything, this film did jolt me into a blushing, chuckling "oh, hell no!" response with its big twist partway through. Unfortunately, that's all that this short had going for it as the gags and complications that could have risen from this situation simply didn't surface. Instead, we're shown some pretty ineffective scenes of a church and a counselor simply reiterating the one joke. The resolution also came out of no where and felt way too convenient, even for a comedy. Kudos to the lead duo though - their performances were the strongest aspect of the film.

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