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by Fart Chicken Productions 117 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

The witch-like Hansen Twins are shunned by all others as weird and dangerous...with good reason! The start of this film was nicely played out, establishing the creepy sisters to some effect. It was well edited and we got a good variety of gory kills with suitable make-up & other effects. However, that was about all we got in terms of story, which was a little one dimensional. Great that you used your young cast appropriately - I think you could have made a genuinely scary short if you'd focused the narrative a bit more. See you next year!

Good use of the horror genre. I would have liked to see a bit more about the why or how of the glitcher sisters. I liked the knife in the neck kill.

Hey yeah. Great work achieveing a truly creapy and unsettling tone. The story was nicely set up and delivered too

Default Avatar odrusso

I thought this film had good direction, timing, and energy. Really good tone and did the genre well. Not a very exciting or unique story, was fairly one dimensional. Could've had an interesting twist or development at the end? Definitely best use of visual effects in the heat!

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