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Uber Cyborg

by Mad Scientists 229 views


Default Avatar Sam Averis

I can see why a film like this would be fun to film, but I didn't find it fun to watch. The motivations of the characters were unclear, and as a result I barely knew who were goodies and baddies. This meant I wasn't invested in the action, and didn't really care about anything apart from the raw spectacle. When cramming this much action and craziness into such a small space I think it's best to have an extremely bare-bones plot that doesn't get lost in the clutter.

What I liked: I wish i could do his during 48hours, it looks like a lot of fun. I laughed my ass off when this teams film played at the finals last year and i was thrilled to see this "spiritual" successor. everything to like about "one man army" (their film from last year) is back this time around plus some. stuntman leaping backwards into a river, an extremely good looking gattling gun. in your team comment you mention how you would like to make more films like this on a regular basis, PLEASE DO! I don't want you guys to ever stop making films like this during the 48hours weekends, my only suggestion for improvements would be to try and upgrade your cinematography , it might be worth looking into some colour grading techniques (up the contrast and crush the blacks) also as much as i like seeing the action movie essentials 2 after effects plugins it would be great to see you guys do even more practically, look into building your own blood squibs with a pressure sprayer. ( a few years ago me and some friends built something similar to the one in this video using an adapted weed sprayer :) Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more from you guys next year

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A scientist's cyborg creation is on the loose. As mentioned in other reviews this was a very similar style to their madcap 2014 film "One Man Army". Guns, shooting, people falling, over-the-top characters and action. Some nice looking shots - I really loved the doll sinking into the water. I too feel that the story gets a little lost in the action but as long as you're having fun and making the films you want to make then it's all good! Where do you get all those wonderful toys?

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