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by Team Chromatic Aberration 73 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A lonely, sick and desperate man takes one more trip across a desolate landscape to a place dear to his heart. Some wonderful cinematography in this shows off some stunning coastal areas of the South Island. This team did superbly to create the feeling of isolation that they were after and the lead played the lonely man very well. It's always an issue with these story-lines though that it inevitably involves a lot of walking. As a result it all does get a bit tedious as our lead staggers his way to a quite predictable conclusion. However, this short is very well made and could easily be finals bound.

Beautiful cinematography Fitting musical score Ending made me catch a sob.

Simple story done well. Good work on the production design from costumes to props to locations. (Although i did spot that one car in the background) And then. The osmo! Which made for a really cool shot at the end. (But was that the native camera audio???) Well made film. But the story might just be tol simple to let it into the finals. But I wouldn't be surprised to see it make the cut.

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