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by Everything Sticks 76 views


Hahaha, no matter how the film itself is received, the hilarious team intro you guys did this year really tickled me pink, and I hope you win the award for that just alone. WIRED works great as a real time film, watching two characters start out as oppositions and become allies by the end to defeat a greater threat. The story is great, and I'd love to see you guys up your game in terms of camera work for next year, as I think that is the only piece of the puzzle missing.

An electrician's nightmare. Great use of children- showing their not so innocent side. Not far from the truth either- I have been bitten by children before, even drawing blood. Kept me guessing up to the end.

Great cast with a good story that keept me engaged. Solid from beginning to end really because it keep me wondering what would happen next. Strong way to tackle the genre.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

(Reviewed from the screening room) Loved your intro this year very funny, wished you had uploaded along with your film! Tight film with strong editing and some engaging camera shots that followed the action, and worked well with the tension you were building throughout the film. I thought the lead actress was really strong and has some great natural talent. You tackled the genre of real time really well and as mentioned built this through strong camera work. I liked they way that you didn't really show the face of the electrician this also added to the tension in the film. The sound was spot on and the film had really good flow. The one thing I think was missing was the reason for the electrician to just happen to turn up and want to harm the children? Perhaps if it was set up early in the film that the boy was the son of someone wealthy or important and this was the reason? But overall a tight film with strong production values.

I found this hard to follow, the kids motivations didn't feel clear at all probably because the story line was quite 'cartoony' but the performances were reasonably straight. I can tell that some effort was put into shooting it in that theme, covering the adults face like an old Tom and Jerry cartoon for example, but the tone never really gelled together. If the boy had been a bit more over the top it might have saved it for me.

The young lead girl gave a good performance and I like the setup. I feel the electrician could have been given more to do - especially with what transpires. As it is, the ending plays out in a way that makes me feel more afraid of the boy, which I don't think was the intention. If it was though, shut me up and add another star.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

It started off all right, the kids delivery was pretty good even if their expressions were a little wooden and there was some nice camera moves even though there seemed to be editing glitches going on. I guess it sort of fell apart after they decided the "electrician" must actually be a murderer which I guess he was based on the ending but it's not 100% clear.

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