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Do Not Disturb

by No Budget Ninjas 219 views


Default Avatar alexmccracken

Loved this film! It was extremely captivating and you absolutely nailed the psychological tension aspect of the horror genre!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A shift worker is awoken by a pushy salesman who needs just two minutes of her time. In 2014, the No Budget Ninjas (working out of Whitebait Studios) made a very well-received mockumentary about a guy with dance tourettes. Let's just say that this film is a lot darker. Great camera work, well-edited and the acting too was very convincing. I was left wondering why she was like the way she was and so the story was perhaps a touch weak/convenient. Overall a very accomplished piece though and could easily slip into the final.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Great twist, well acted and shot, one of the most creative uses of prop that I saw.

Nicely done. Great style on display here. Good ending too

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