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Find a Way

by Fart Chicken Productions 275 views


What I liked. Great singing and songs. Nice story. I enjoyed this film!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An all-girl band experience a few ups and downs as they prepare for an audition. Is it really five years since Princess Zoe Films made the CHCH final with "Whole Wide World"? Man, I'm feeling old... Fart Chicken Productions (great name btw) obviously had a good time with their musical and great to see all the shared credit. I really liked the song in the finale and the freeze-frame ending! Nice work!

Awesome effort by this young team. Great songs and did I spot some harmonising in the finale? Yes I think so :) We liked the actor who played Dr Harrison. She'll go far in 48 Hour films! Some camera skillz and editing know-how will see this team be real contenders for the future. Lovely, complete story. It held our attention the whole way through.

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