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Blood Ties

by Team Salt & Light 64 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

After the death of a parent the historically bad brother gets control of everything much to the envy of his more respectable brother. This was a fair attempt to deliver a serious film by this team. The acting was good and I wrote down that the rack focus was convincing. A bit dull in places and a few noticeable audio blips detracted a little. Overall though an effective short. Nice job!

Good on you guys for tackeling such interesting drama.

I felt you did very well with your movie. I liked the professionalism of your movie and the acting was good. At the end of the movie there seemed a lack of emotion when he found the dead woman at the start of this scene (maybe some vocal could have helped) but at the end of this scene I could feel the pain of this person. I was hoping that the golfer would miss the ball the second time he tried to hit it which would have added some humor to your movie. I enjoyed the movie.

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