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Uber Cyborg 2.0

by Mad Scientists 306 views


Wonderful action-packed short. Would have liked the action to be a little more hands on or visceral. Ended fast and left me wanting more. End credit fx were amazing.

Default Avatar KJ

Wow, this film was a throw back! Great sfx which provided for some hilarious, fun action sequences. Loved every second of it, at the edge of my seat. All thought the camera, editing and sound work was pretty poor, I loved the concept you guys were going for and achieved. Your guys films are always a great input in the 48hour challenge!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

**ULTRA** The sexy, kick-ass Uber-Cyborg from the 2015 film is now 2.0 and in love with her creator. Mad Scientists make the coolest action flicks always pushing the limits. Loved the plane action and sky-diving sequences. I can't believe I'm going to say this but despite all the decapitations I wanted MORE KILLING! What we got was lower volume than past years...sad. Having rewatched the original I chuckled at your use of the Wilhelm Scream IN THAT're ahead of your time, man. Fun, cool and action-smacked. Watch the original and then this back to back when it hits the Screening Room. You'll have a better day.

I gladly will wait patiently for the more polished extended director's cut to be released at a more leisurely time-frame, im all about that. As the team acknowlaged this film dosent quite live up to the wall to wall crazyness of their previous films, but what it does do is very fun and impressive. The skydiving bit is great but i was expecting Mad Scientists to push it further. The plane set was very impressive. I felt that the film ended rather randomly, but there is something to be said for not outstaying your welcome, short, sharp, sweet and all that. Funny as always. Good work with Ultra too

I loved what you were going for here but was bummed that it didn't quite come off. Even though it was intentionally meant to be green screen mania, a lot of moments didn't have much coordination and ended up looking like random shapes flying around a shaky screensaver. A couple moments - the ones that were clear to comprehend - really worked though. I especially liked the head-chopping part and the end save. If the whole film kept that visual clarity, this could have amazed. That plane set was choice, too. Though I wish you were able to film more of it as opposed to using the green screen to fit other characters in.

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