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Charlie's Psychosis

by Abra Cadaver 156 views


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Great acting and editing and unexpected ending good take on the genre some times a you got a sense that some shots could have been more polished but overall one of my favourites of the heat

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A teen girl deals with the consequences of breaking up with her boyfriend. This team from Kaiapoi High School really nailed it with this short. I loved the use of flashbacks through the use of match cuts and the overall dark, crazy town tone. The acting from the lead was convincing and committed even if there were a couple of moments of unintentional fourth wall breaking. Your use of two-shots was also an inspired decision. My favourite film from the heat. Well done!

Default Avatar Judoman87

Wow! I really love this film and the use of flashbacks to show the characters thoughtfulness! Overall enjoyable film!

Superb performance from the lead character. Very well made film from the shots to the snappy edit. A great use of genre. The story really worked well. Above all though, Wonderful performance!!! Great work team

The strongest elements of this short were the editing and shot choices. It's like you fell in love with the match cutting from last year and wanted to use it again with more purpose. I dig that. At the start, I wasn't liking the music cutting with the shots - it felt jarring in the wrong way. It's also a shame you didn't have access to better audio equipment (most of us don't) because that blasted wind gets in the way a number of times. I wasn't that big on the trip-n-fall ending, either. It came off feeling like you weren't sure how to end it. Nevertheless, a solid idea.

If you have a single location film and not the right equipment to shoot outside, don't make the location outdoors. Fingers crossed that was a lesson that sunk in for next time. Story wise, you retread the same concepts quite a few times by the end of the film, but you only spent a few seconds on the totally not satisfying ending. Your time would have been better spent flashing back to the breakup or setting up a more satisfying ending. I was about to praise the performance but then multiple times she looks straight at the camera, such a shame and probably could have been dealt with in editing. If it was deliberate, your intention was lost somewhere, if you are going to deliberately break the 4th wall you need to use it to better effect.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

I like the ambition and what the film was trying to accomplish. There was some issues with the sound editing, presumably to try and get rid of some of the wind noise but it sort of resulted in some pretty harsh transitions. I wasn't entirely clear as to wether she was imagining everything in her head or it was flashbacks but if it was flashbacks I was thinking maybe the reason he's dead is that he choked on the Malteser and you could sort of see her panic and you understand why she's gone crazy. I think it would have made a better ending then the one they used but that's just my thoughts.

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Great lead but other than that I couldnt even remember enough to really give this one a proper review. Guys remember story is key

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