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The Claire Witch Project

by Mantis Shrimp Media 39 views


Enjoyed the mockumentary style. Good humor, liked the unicorn typing up the document I got a bit lost at the ending. What was the takeaway/moral supposed to be? The costumes were in the sweet spot so they didn't look too cheap or too try hard.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A look at the unhappy life of a fairy-tale witch working in an office 9 to 5. So, mockumentary is a choice in the 48 but one fraught with danger. The story in this one is not really strong enough and we're taken away from having any empathy for Claire the Witch as she kind of fades into irrelevancy as Sparkles the Unicorn is a far more likable & interesting character. Let's talk location. Kind of looked like Broadcasting school (rather than an office) and the posters on the wall told me so. Mise en scene people! Tighter composition and some real stakes would have elevated this short. I think if you go fairy tale you go as dark as you can. This could have been a deliciously evil mockumentary (if you had to go that way) where Claire was telling her story from some fairy tale prison or even at the stake.

Default Avatar KJ

Great The Office/Parks and Recreation styled documentary. The film was filled with jokes of great taste all though the timing was a little off, resulting in the jokes not landing very well. Loved the simple yet strange concept of an 'out of this world' office life. Nothing too special in the camera work all though it didn't take anything away from the film, it definitely didn't add to it. I see great potential here and can't wait to see what cook up next year!

A fine performance from the lead. I wonder how much of the weekend had to be spent in makeup? I am a big fan of the Office (Both UK and American) and enjoyed the mockumentary style. Some shots could have perhaps been tighter, but I enjoyed the story- quite a metaphor for so many situations in life; the fads that come and go, willingness to impress, popularity contests etc.

A mocumentry using fairytale/fantasy characters. But once you do a contemporary Mocumentary i feel like you have left behind any real sense of a Fairytale or Fantasy genre. I’m on record saying you have to have a really good reason to do Mocumentary, and im not sure you guys did. But thats personal prefference.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

an office drama that did a good job of the jealousy theme

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