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Let Them Air Dry

by Foreign Objects 60 views


The guy rapping in the full room scene was hardcore. Dialogue in some scenes was hard to make out. I liked the bonus scene with the dog at the end.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

At a flat meeting, the residents get to the bottom of why the dishes haven't been done. A fair crack at the genre that reminded me a lot of Strang Entertainment's "Steak & Cheese Lies" from a few year's back. Most memorable scene was the extended shaving sequence - wince inducing and just plain funny. In the team intro they referenced being multiple "Best Bad Film" nominees. Could be in the mix again.

Tough genre to crack- There were also some weird gender issues going on. I will need to watch again to listen more carefully to the lyrics as I was distracted by the clash of the cymbals near the end and forgot what it was about. I liked the cool transition effects.

Default Avatar KJ

Hahaha! Some bloody hilarious content! Great over acting! Was laughing almost the whole way through it. Work behind the camera and jumbled plot let this film down. Can't wait to see what you bring to the table next year, your guys films are always a good time!

I have a soft spot for this team, a few years back they made a film that absoultly killed me during the heats, gut bustingly funny. (In a best bad film kinda way) It was nice to see you take on Musical, the rap was great, production value was all over the place as you have commented on, shooting on phones is hard haha, but it works just fine for this team. Hanging the dishes out on the line was a brilliant way to finish the film. Already looking foward to the film you make next year!

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