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My Pet Earthling

by Knawtra Studios


Part of me hates this film because it played right before ours, and the energy of our film was completely usurped by the absolute weirdness of MY PET EARTHLING. You warmed everyone up for something really strange, and we failed to deliver with, what by comparison was, a very normal movie. But, I don't want to be a poor sport, and if I'm honest, I completely loved this approach to the Bechdel film, which passed the test by having no one else really even talk (if you don't count howling and moaning as talking). I love the style and atmosphere this film brings you into, and the art direction and make-up is second-to-none. I would expect to see Knawtra win some awards, while also possibly having a place in the city finals.

Surprisingly weird film, like Alex I could imagine you picking up a couple of awards for the sheer commitment to your overall theme. I see what you tried to do with the storyline, and it is an interesting take on the genre, but I feel so much more could've been done if you didn't find yourselves bound by Bechdel styles. A strong direectorial style and vivid colour contrast were the highlights for me here, definitely style over substance I feel.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A blue-faced wool eating alien family tends to their pet human. This team certainly took an imaginative approach to the genre in order to meet the guidelines. The dinner scene reminded me a lot of "Brains" the national winner from a few years ago and I grew a little tired of the "grunt" speak. I may have missed it but how did the alien girl know English? The film was reasonably well shot and received a wholehearted positive reaction from the audience. Well done for finding an original angle to take! All these years too and I never realised Knawtra was Artwank backwards!

This film gets an extra point from me puurely for the way the decided to hit their genre. Good performances. Quite an unsettling film to watch which I believe might have been the intention. Strong colour palate.

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Acting was supported by some fun acting and as usual you guys nail the cinematography!

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