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Political Agenda

by Carmen Road Academy Films 7 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

The voting age is set to be raised to 21. A group of teens are outraged and seek to sort out of one of the key lobbyists. This had a good message about respecting the views of the teen voting block all wrapped up in a hitman/thug/kidnapping crime flick. Much of the audio was OK but there is no excuse for poor off-camera dialogue. Nice use of flashback and the Wilhelm scream got a few good laughs.

Respect to this team for taking on relevant and topical issues. It’s great to see this team back year after year, I suspect theres a bright future for you guys in this comp. Keep it up.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

a movie about a girl campaigning on behalf of her brother (who wants to stay in power) to raise the minimum voting age, a team assemble to take her down, they kidnap her and ask her why, then the final speech she says not to lower the age. an interesting take on the crime genre, who is really committing the crime? 48 hours references seemed unnecessary, sound quality could have been better but a complete story

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