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A Ripple in Time

by rip focus 918 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young woman travels back in time (whether in reality or in her mind) to revisit a pivotal moment from her past. A short from a good chunk of last year's winning school team from Middleton Grange, this was a solid attempt at playing it straight and dealing with painful memories. The slow-motion was cool and there was serious commitment to the role from the lead actress. Style over substance however, as the story meandered along into the obvious. There was very little dialogue but the sync appeared to be out when it was used. A shot of the crew standing against a fence in the background caused a giggle but my biggest problem was the casting of the dad (or actually was he supposed to be her brother?) - way, way, way to young to make this in anyway plausible. I was so obviously confused about who he was! Brave attempt and there's skill in this team but not quite there yet.

Default Avatar Crocodile Thrunter

Really enjoyed this film, one of the best of the weekend that I have seen. Shot beautifully, really well performed by your lead, east of to follow. There were some really clever shots in there, the one with the painting swapping looked epic, as did the fall into the pool. Only thing that I think let you down was that one shot with those "unplanned extras". Even then, it's easy to overlook that with the product of your weekend.

Beautifuly shot and well made, the girl falling backwards into the pool might be the best single shot this year. I struggled to follow the details fo the story, but i’m confidnat that the team knew what was happening, they just struggled to comunicate that through the 5minutes. For example i couldnt follow the significance of the watch. First it was on one person, then it was on another? Great shots, good editing, its funny, shot on an iphone used to be worth noting, but now iphones shoot better video than you’re standard handicam. And they rival the quality of the bog standard DSLR from 4 years ago.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

the watch and counting of hopscotch were good call backs well written a good short film well shot particularly falling into pool

Promising stuff from this team, though the story felt a little unclear at times, they've certainly got their style down and I'd love to see what they can do in the future.

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