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Dangerous Habits 2

by Burn The Dog 143 views


Good comedic timing from strong lead performers made this film standout. A tight script with good editing made up for what this story perhaps lacked in depth. Well done! (I can't remember the first 2 films in a heat being as strong as these two for a long time)

Default Avatar MistaTeas

**ULTRA48** Two thugs awake to find themselves tied up to chairs and faced with a difficult choice in order to survive. Style was strong here with nice cinematography, editing, colour-grading & sound design. The actors did well and we had a great fight sequence. However, there's definitely a case for style over substance as the story is pretty weak and having watched the 2008 original I struggle to see the link between the two films. Great to see Burn The Dog back in CHCH!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Ultra meant this film was void of any real plot to an audience member that cant remember the original movie, while the acting, cinematography and costumes were all good with some witty writing the film got ultraed

Slick and stylish as the best of them, Being an Ultra/Sequel ment i was kinda lost once the film started so i cant really speak to any plot of story. But what they did have was some moments of extremly strong comic timing, directed, edit and acted to perfection. Not the strongest use of a female character, but hey, you got a gal in so you have a leg up on some other teams haha. My only other note is that the film takes a backseat to the music towards the end,

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