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One More Time(s)

by Kitty Aye Aye Films 67 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young girl, not wanting to get ready for school, uses a time-machine to give herself "just five more minutes" over and over again. This was a clever concept for real-time that seamlessly incorporated a second genre. The lead actress was great and overall this short was also nicely shot and edited.

Actor has plenty of on camera presence Not the strongest use of genre. Loved the shot with the "How to build" document, where she was typing in dfgdfgdffgdgdgdgdgd

Charming story. Nice and simple done well. Very watchable

Default Avatar odrusso

Cute film done by one young girl (and good job to her parents!). Excellent concept and execution, and a satisfying ending. Awesome acting by Charlie Flowers! Next steps; try a more radical and unique story?

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