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Very cool ideas in this film, accompanied by some very convincing and authentic acting from the 3 main actresses in the piece. The way they interacted with each other before and after they got in the car felt very real and casual, which is something which is very hard to pull off in amateur filmmaking. The terrified acting later on in the film was also very authentic, and the twist was one I truly didn't see coming and I really appreciated it. I did wonder why the girl who escapes the house would go back in alone to save her friend instead of calling the police, or even just for help? Technically this film was let down a little in its sound and camera department, but I think you guys are definitely on your way to creating something very polished. Here's hoping you impress even more in the future!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When three women share a cab ride after dinner their night takes an expected dark turn. I really enjoyed the initial set up for this short which was nailed by some fantastic acting from all the cast members. The second half of the film didn't quite grab me as much; probably because the ending wasn't that much of a surprise to me. I thought this film looked quite good - especially during the cab scenes - and a couple of sound issues aside, the edit was pretty clean. Dublin St films are always worth watching and they've taken a good shot at completing a creepy little horror short here.

What a superb horror film! My fellow uber-driver friend found this extremely entertaining-starting with the suggestive creepy taxi driver. The scary thing is that these kinds of things are never far from the truth. I liked the use of the chainsaw to free the victim from their shackles. And then the twist- a nightmare to all taxi drivers! Great use of blood, lighting and specific camera shots.

Great performances. With a story that i was fully engaged in that managed to surprise me nicely in its movements. Great stuff team. Looking forward to future efforts

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Bloody good make up and effects. Very impressive. This short achieved quite a nice tone and style too.

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