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by Stuffed Ram Studios 732 views


It took me til about halfway through this film to get my head properly inside it. But to be fair, that was to a greater or smaller degree by design of the filmmakers since, while it is absolutely a Crime film, it is also structured very much as a Mystery. We begin seeing our protagonist in a car with some friends one night, and after a bit of business, he wakes up the next morning the lone person in the now-crashed vehicle. (While not perfect, the smoke effect coming from the hood was a decent touch here. And this brief scene in general was a good reminder that a few simple tricks are all that's needed to sell the idea of a pranged car, without having to actually do any serious totalling.) He has no memory of what happened the previous evening, but using the supersleuth powers of GPS history, he retraces his footprints / tyreprints. Along the way, flashes of recollection start to fill in the blanks, and we start to gather that the group of them committed some crime. Eventually he gets a call from his mates, telling him to meet up at an address. He arrives, no one is there, and with the arrival of the police he finds a sign from his comrades apologising for making him the fall guy. I really liked the setup of this story, and the mystery of the unknown really helps to put us right inside the guy's confused head. The lack of pretty much any other humans until right at the end helped with that sense of isolation also (interesting how a sunny Canterbury day can actually be quite unsettling in the right context). I wasn't totally clear exactly what the crime was, or why his friends chose to dob him in. The first one doesn't really matter very much, but understanding the motivations of the group better might have helped me enjoy the conclusion of the story more. As it was, there's still plenty to like here, especially in terms of the overall mood that was evoked.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Well set-up, solid acting and a worthy ending even if I did zone out a little in the middle. I liked how you handled the crashed car and the police arrival at the end. Pretty smart!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A Solid film well shot, acted and written, the pace of the film could have been faster in places but a good take on the genre

Im really sorry but I couldn't follow the story. What i did see was well made. the car crash was well handed

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