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by Fart Chicken Productions 128 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

We join in on a very formal & unsettling dinner party where the sole male guest is being eyed up for a bit of change in his lifestyle. This had a lovely opening shot and some very cool music. The story got a little lost in itself and while a fair attempt at the genre none of the songs were that memorable or really drove the story along. Well done on applying some creative thinking though in order to handle this tricky genre.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A mix up of the drag seen in this heat girls in drag and top hats sing a little song as they welcome people to a dinner party, at this point the film showed good potential however as it continued the overall story was unclear as to why they killed boy then dress him up, showing good potential particularly with the difficult genre however the story needs some work

One of my favourites of the heat. Great work taking on musical. Strong production value and style. A really good set up but i must admit i was lost by the end.

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