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by TBALC Prime


Not your typical TBALC fare, taking a more dramatic approach for what could be the first time in this team's long and illustrious history. Ignoring the fact that doing two films in one weekend is pure insanity, WINDOWS is a great stand-alone piece, with some really simple but creative camera work. I'd say DOWN TO THE WIRE is the stronger of the two entries, but I would be very surprised if both films didn't make it into the city finals.

Strong concept. pulled off pretty well. Nice thriller vibe. I guess the most damning thing i can say about this film is that I doubt it has any rewatchabilty This would be a first for TBALC At least i can go and gush all over the other one now

Default Avatar MistaTeas

From the safety of her car a woman is forced to watch as her pregnant friend walks into a dangerous situation. Most teams would love to have made this film over the weekend and so the fact that it's the 2nd of two made by TBALC is either a case for stunned awe or showing them the middle finger for being smarty pants. Effective, clever and minimalist (which is understandable!) "Windows" works nicely as a tight little thriller that easily captivated the audience despite leading us down a predictable ending. Should be seen again in the final I imagine which would certainly be some achievement.

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