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Anarchy in Year 10

by Drakonian 96 views


A lot of good stuff in this film! The high point definitely being the ingenious title haha. I loved the grungy camera filter, it really added to the film and made it feel more 'punk', and I suspect probably covered up a lot of issues that could have existed in the colour grade. In terms of story, I would have liked to have seen Charlie overcoming more of an obstacle before realizing being a punk like her sister is the wrong path. I liked the set-up, and where the story went, but in the end, Charlie just made a good decision with ease. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing your future films!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of older punk girls convince a younger sibling to join the anarchy. Drakonian have been in the comp for a few years now and have produced another pleasing short. I enjoyed the opening carnage & overall the acting was convincing and age appropriate. Like Alex mentioned above the character swings were all a little quick with no strong catalyst for going either way. I wrote that the music was good - an original piece? Nice work & see you back in 2017.

A girl conforms to the peer pressure. Such a topical subject for teens all over the world. Reminds me of my early university days of stalking people while cladded in military boots, trenchcoat and dark glasses. Thanks for the memories.

Clearly inspired by the famous Ridley Scott directed 1984 superbowl mackintosh advert, which is pretty much the most punk thing ever. This team finished their film proudly displaying the badge Shot on iPhone6. making a punk film on a phone. So fucking punk.

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