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Coffee Swap

by Knawtra Studios 438 views


Good acting by male lead, very nice set design. As expected from Knawtra the production values were excellent. I got a bit lost in the story towards the end... did they get their bodies back, or was there an extra woman's name mentioned? Who was that then? And what was the scientist doing in the background? Body-swap was a safe and well-tried Science Gone Mad trope and this team pulled it off well.

Great film. Very well made. Really good acting across the cast. Cool take on the genre. My only niggle might be that I didn't understand the ending. But my friend was able to explain it to me. So I might just be my problem Finals? I suspect so. I hope to see it there.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An old looking newsreel explains how a scientist was driven insane by a failed experiment that caused him to body-swap with his lab assistant. Back in the present day a young couple meet for an innocent cup of coffee. This was very nice looking, with a number of scenes shot with some very smooth camera movement. My only real criticism is that really, not a lot happens and when the body-swap occurs the reactions to it have a very typical feel about it. I guess though, that's about all you can do with a gender body-swap. Good comical performances from the cast and some great locations used. Well done!

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