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Love is a Glitch

by Top of the South Blenheim 366 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A man meets his blind date and they both go to a lot of cool places. My favourite film from the heat, this was a really novel idea that was nicely executed albeit for a few inconsistent audio levels. Nice smash cut and a good twist in the tail completed a more than satisfying story arc. Great job!

My Favorite of the heat by a long shot. the first 4/5ths were intersting and engaging enough on their own, and then the ending broguht it all home with some really cool ideas. My only note was you held that final shot too long. Did you want it to play as comedy? Because holding it that long went for laughs, but It had seemed that you were going for gasps.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

This film was the best in the heat - two people dating in different scenarios with good effects, possibly an original soundtrack and a funny ending really capped off the film hopefully will get to watch this again in the finals

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