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A Time and a Place

by Les Cousins Dangereux 535 views


Really torn with this film. I loved the idea, a clever take on the time travel genre without having to use time travel tropes. The thing that always keeps me coming back for Les Cousins films are the iconic lines or themes (I re-watched your 2014 entry and couldn't help singing along). For me, this lacked that, and whilst well-shot and acted, I feel that the storyline lets you down, premise was good more than executioon I feel. Might just make finals from the films that I have seen, best of luck anyway!

Good concept. Princess had a legitimate gripe, I thought, since she would have come from a situation of extreme privilege. What was her life now? That might have helped hammer home the disparity. Why did she come around in the end? Because the councilor was a traveler too? I would have liked to see the characters butt heads more, or see their struggles in the current time, like ug & the eggs.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

The plot summary is above so I won't repeat it! Les Cousins have chiseled a fine record in this comp and so they find themselves evaluated into a group of 48ers where the audience has high expectations. On the technical side "A Time and a Place" is pretty smooth - well shot and edited together. Personally, I always cringe a little when I see a 48HR film open up with a support group as it's been done so many times - and I made one myself in 2010! So I'm somewhat conflicted. We have some good writing here and decent acting but not a great deal happens aside from a few flashbacks. And we have no time-travel. So is that a point-of-difference? A clever approach? Or does it avoid the important tropes of the genre? By the end I half-wondered if the group was just a bunch of nutters who THOUGHT they had time-traveled. All that said, it is the sort of film that makes CHCH finals so we'll wait and see!

Strong idea. Cool characters. It's nice to see Cousins step it up again in terms of audio and video too. I believe this idea would have benefited greatly from the older 7 minute timelimit. As it played i was actually shocked when the credits rolled as i was expecting the story to continue

A cute idea, with a hart warming conclusion, but not a heck of a lot of substance. Telling the social workers story pretty much just by handing over a photo was really good, but I didn't find anything to really like here.

Clever idea for a time travel film and it gets a lot mileage out of the concept. Pretty sure the pirate got me every single time. Some gags worked better than others - the "others" being the caveman (who never goes full caveman) and the American farmer who cuts a sweet scene at the knees with a luke-warm line. That sweet scene, however, was a very good resolution. The writing wasn't quite sharp enough to sting, but it made me feel warm.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

I always look forward to your films and after your past films always expect something strong. With this film I feel it's not as strong as your other films. As usual it was shot well with strong production values, but I felt the lack of a strong narrative let the film down somewhat. Which in the past narrative has been a real strength of yours. It felt a little complicated with all the different characters. I know there was a focus on Victoria, but for me she wasn't the most interesting of the characters and I would have loved to see the narrative focus more on one of the others. All the characters were great and well acted and there was some great sharp comedic cuts with each characters story, like the pirate and caveman etc which made me chuckle.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

I liked the concept and the jokes worked okay but I think probably the emotional beats didn't quite land right. The idea behind it was good, turns out the guy leading the group is another stuck time traveler and knows how they feel but something that could have been a really nice resolution was just a reaction to an outburst of anger.

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