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The Dark of the Trees

by Guardians of the Galaxy S7 219 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of kids are involved in a car accident whilst travelling to a relative's house. Did I mention that it's on an isolated rural road AND there's a spooky wolf-creature lurking? For me, this was the stand-out film of the heat. Believable acting, a complete story arc & age-appropriate casting - saints be praised! You cleverly used the lighting available to good effect (most of the time) and considering 95% of this short is filmed at night that was a great achievement. It was well shot, the audio was pretty good and the edit also tightly done. An ambitious first entry in 48HRS - well done!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Solid Short film with some good acting and a good thriller vibe. The relationship between the two characters could have been stronger at the start which would have given more justification to why one character sacrifices themselves and a better ending.

Yes. A stand out of the heat. In the first minute I especially noticed how clear the premise was and how well set up the characters were. Throughout the film i was always able to follow what was happening. Which is more than i can say for others in this heat. The thriller was handeled really well. Some proper scares and thrills. This film followed a clear beginning middle and end. It used its characters well and made me care about what was happening. Well done!

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