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Although this film was, in terms of cinematography, on fleek, I found the story mildly confusing. I loved the intercutting between the interrogation and the main story, but found it hard to understand how 'Vengeance' was a theme and also for what reason the guy was hit in the head by his apparent partner.

Default Avatar Leoj

Beautifully shot, nice low light looked really good on screen. Was pretty captivated by that the whole way through so didn't think that much about the story until later, when I did think about it I realised there were a lot of unanswered questions. Mysteriousness doesn't always equal unanswered questions, are you sure it was necessary for Tom to have a bottle smashed over his head? A random disappearance would have probably had the same effect, still would have had the same suspicion of the girl. But regardless of plot, still looked very nice I would hope you guys would be up for a cinematography nomination.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of teens are questioned about their involvement in a disappearance. Nicely shot given it was all done at night and likewise the audio was pretty sharp. The story was perhaps a bit to clever for it's own good and although intriguing, it got somewhat confusion. Actors did a good job. An impressive effort visually, just lacking in coherence.

I really enjoyed this film. The cinematography was some of the nicest and most consistent of the heat. The audio was good and the acting was great. The acting of the lead actress was great and sold the potential for a twist from her really well. The lighting was fantastic and I found myself really intrigued and interested the whole way. The only thing that let this film down was its twist ending. A really good concept just fell over a little at the end. The twist was too far into the unexplained without enough setup to really have an impact and make the audience have an "OH!!!! WOW!" moment. Lots of great potential from this team in this film and am keen to see more from them. Did enough to get one of my 3 votes for audience favourite that night so well done.

really nicely made film, strong visuals and night shooting. Story didn’t exactly resolve in a super satasfiying way. But i was enganged the whole time the pace was good and the film was just generally well made accross all departments Some really strong character moments. Not sure if this film nailed its genre but i liked it for what it was.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A night walking a girl home turns sinister leading to police interviews and flashbacks a well made movie with a twist ending that could have done with a few more seconds for the audience to full appreciate it, nevertheless a solid short film

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