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Tarte Illusion Cromqumbouche Au Chocolat L'incontournebile

by Too Hot to Hoot 276 views


What I liked. Cool story. Good take on the genre. Good acting too. I really liked the story with this one. For next year: tighten up the edit. Less is more. You can clearly come up with good stories now tell to us a bit faster!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A pair of teens have a falling out during a cooking audition for a food society but are forced to reunite when challenged to make a difficult dessert. So, this was a good idea for this genre; something a bit different. I enjoyed the performance of the master chef probably the most out of everything. The story itself was a real talk-fest through the middle and as such, I zoned out a bit. More show; less tell or even just tighten the edit up. What could you have cut that didn't aid the story? Invest in a tripod too! Plenty of potential here and I'm sure you'll be back strong next year.

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