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by Drakonian 79 views


Loved the attention to detail with all the props in this film - looks like you raided the Christmas decorations a few months early! A nice, succinct story told with lots of enthusiasm. Can't wait to see next year's effort!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Three elves fight and accidentally kill their boss which puts Christmas in jeopardy. The second of two "Weekend at Bernies" inspired films in the same heat! Amazing! Some quiet audio in places, a nice smash cut but I was left confused as to why the scream was heard during a certain insertion when the character was already dead. Something to work on: white balance.

Great work, probably one of my Favorite Christmas movies from Christchurch, Cute premise, well acted with a clear story throughout. Taking the car was especially funny, the final gag with the skeleton of santa was great. Everyone involved should be proud of this film.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

3 elves accidental kill Santa and must save Christmas, good scene with Mrs Claus however the present delivery seemed rushed and could have been done better overall a good take on the Christmas genre

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