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A Disabled Account

by NZBS Pig's Guts Films 1,339 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy arrives to pick up a couch he'd bought online only to find that it had been given away to to wrong person. Buyer and seller team up to recover the furniture. Pigs Guts told me prior to the screening that they'd sold out to the ARA NZ Broadcasting School and their team intro nicely exemplified that! "A Disabled Account" is the most mature and complete effort I've seen from PGF. It's nicely shot, edited, mixed and extremely well acted. The story is genuinely funny and so well timed in its delivery. Personally I think it's a great shot to win the whole thing in Christchurch and make its way to the national final. Great work, men (and any ladies as I assume you've met some by now!)

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Great film, great to see such talent coming out of broadcasting school. Definite City finals entry Hopefully all the cast and crew continue to enter the 48 hours competition

What we have here is a perfect team dynamic that's been building over the last few years. Now it must be nearing its epic final form. Its a team that shits quality at ever turn. Between several magically charismatic on screen peformances and who ever is behind the camera these guys know how to do it. The unforseen advantage of having the weekend this late in the year has clearly been the quality of the films from the student teams coming out of NZBS. But pigs guts films takes this and turns it up, By about 1000% What we truely have here is the best short film ive seen come out of christchurch since IS LOVE ENOUGH from 2013.

Default Avatar Triptych22

This was the best film I saw at the Christchurch heats, really enjoyable watch. It has a solid plot that hooks you from the first two seconds, and keeps you laughing from start to finish. Looks like it has a great possibility of winning regionals for sure.

When I saw this film at the final, I genuinely thought it was going to win the whole shebang, and was pretty surprised when it didn't. I don't want to give the Pigs Guts guys the whole "we've watched them grow up in the competition" thing yet again because they've probably heard it more than enough times already, but they've clearly been honing their skills over all these years and their films are as good as anyone's now. They've got a knack for cracking out some great lines, some really charismatic comedic actors and a genuine talent for bringing some excellent humour out of every day situations. The basic set-up here of a TradeMe seller and buyer trying to track down an errant second-hand couch was an extremely simple concept, but they were able to bring it to hilarious life just through the strength of the writing and the performances (and solid technical work). They understand the straight man / funny man concept intuitively and they're great joke writers. I'd love to perhaps see them break away from the sort of "ordinary guys from a flat go on a quirky adventure" set-up next year, but that's only because I'm excited about what they might bring to say a zombie film, a war movie, or a Regency-era romance with their particular skillset and sensibilities, not because I'm bored of what they're doing. Awesome work guys; will be crossing fingers that this ends up in the national finals.

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