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We return to the bear - which I admit I forgot was a DvM film. I'm guessing you didn't have access to the bear, a nice innovation to turn him into a dude, and a strong female lead performance carried this film. The on-the-nose use of some of the elements was funny as a gag but might harm future success of the film. Very enjoyable!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

**ULTRA48** 2014s "Bearly" was a really well-received film. I wrote in my review that it was "DvM's" best effort to date. "Grisly" is overall better looking and is one of those intimate single location, two actor shorts that this team (and others to be fair) deliver regularly with good effect. There's some solid comedy, strong performances and a nice transformation sequence that is clever in its execution. The 4th wall breaking to signal the use of 2014 conventions will be polarizing. It was funny but not convinced it was necessary even if it was subtle to begin with. Love your work!

I was under the impression that a team had to have entered 5 times or more to be able to register for Ultra? Nevermind, Newcomers Dragon V Mouse surely are one to watch! Its especially amazing that in their first year they were able to make a sequel!!! Ok, for real though, I loved the film, of all the Ultra teams that got fucked over these guys did the best job with it, thanks in large part to their genre, horror comedy, the inital premise of a first time torturer with low self estime and the girl hes torturing holding all the power is brilliant, i can only imagine the kind of brilliant film DvM would have made if this wasnt a sequel that also required all the elements from a previous year. The comedy betweent the leads is easily some of the best in any chch film this year. The transition from bear to human was also spectacularly well realised. The link back to the original film is also quite well done, its a sequel for those that have seen the orginal, and its a delightlfully strange horror comedy for eveyrone else. And then the film starts to turn inwards and become selfaware, for me this was too funny, the Ding’s on the required elements are a pretty nice middle finger to Ultra, the only thing missing would have been a direct diologue refference to how ultra sucks. So this film is an interesting one, of all the Ultras out there this one manages the best, partly by coping out in the final moments and becoming selfaware, but the first half is so good that i think it will make finals if only so that the comp dosent feel embarased that most of the ultra films suck. DvM for rising tallent award 2017. You guys should enter again next year!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

An outside the box sequel which takes the theme of transformation to another level, however a good movie with a good flashback update, witty writing and a good basis for a story however the ending could have been stronger

Probably my favourite script from the Chch finals. The meta approach (and somewhat middle finger) to not only 48Hours, but the trials and tribulations of ULTRA itself, creates one of the cheekiest 48hour films I've ever seen. Maybe this should win Ant's risk award purely because of it's gaul and smartassery. I really like GRISLY's approach to Ultra and it may be one of my favourites that I've seen. Out of all the sequels I've watched this year that required intimate knowledge I don't have of the original, GRISLY does the right thing by assuming you have no recollection whatsoever of Mr Bearly's previous adventures, and pulls no punches is making fun of itself, making fun of you, and making fun of the competition.

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